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Gustav Andreassen


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“The extraordinary potent bass of Gustav Andreassen was all black tone – sonorous, distinctive, with fine musicianship and dramatic flair.” Opera News



"Gustav Andreassen was fabulous in the second bass role of the Grand Inquisitor." The New York Times



"Andreassen was an excellent Verdi bass - gruff and arresting with a larger-than-life sound that could be modulated when necessary to a tender croon, or a terrified stage whisper, as in themors stupebit." -Masslive


"A powerful performance was given by bass-baritone Gustav Andreassen, as Olin Blitch. The ominous, black water of his voice washed over the audience and at times its dominance was poignantly arresting. While intense, Andreassen's voice remained smooth and controlled, even paired with the sometimes-angular score. A testament to his dramatic prowess, the audience hated Blitch in the best way."


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